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Thompson Reuters Publishes Federal Grant Practice 2020 Edition Updated by Smith Pachter McWhorter Attorneys

Thompson Reuters recently published Federal Grant Practice: A Guide for the Government and Grantees 2020 Edition, with several updates by Smith Pachter McWhorter attorneys Jonathan D. Shaffer and Nora K. Brent, issued in June 2020. The publication addresses updates including the Grant Reporting Efficiency and Agreements Transparency Act of 2019 ("GREAT Act"), the latest updates to the President’s Management Agenda, Results-Oriented Accountability for Grants Cross-Agency Priority Goal (Grants CAP Goal) and OMB’s January 22, 2020 proposed rule with changes to Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Subtitle A–OMB Guidance for Grants and Agreements, and the OMB 2019 Compliance Supplement. The 2019 Supplement adds, deletes and modifies prior Supplement sections, however, unlike previous annual updates to the Supplement, in accordance with the President’s  Management Agenda, Cross Agency Priority Goal 8, each federal agency has been mandated by OMB to limit the number of compliance requirements subject to the audit to 6, except for the research and development cluster which is limited to 7 compliance requirements.

Federal Grant Practice is a comprehensive one-volume reference manual on federal grants. It provides explanations and advice on key aspects of grant management (including detailed coverage on contracting out grant dollars), all based on the requirements of OMB's Uniform Guidance, from the requirements for internal control to the conduct of Single Audit Act audits. It also contains a chapter on lessons learned from inadequate grant management and material from administrative decisions on disputes over grant management requirements.

In addition to these core aspects of grant practice, Federal Grant Practice addresses many topics associated with federal grants that are not typically included in grant publications. Contents include:

  • The constitutional and contract formation issues of federal grants
  • Ethics and transparency issues in federal grant practice
  • Selecting assistance or contract relationships
  • Selecting a grant or cooperative agreement
  • The notice of a grant opportunity, and practical advice and insight on applying for grants and evaluation of grant applications
  • Rights of nonselected applicants
  • Agency liability for grantee conduct
  • The rules of federal appropriations affecting grants
  • The principles used to interpret laws and grant awards
  • Federal agency and federal court disputes processes
  • Rights in intellectual property discovered with federal funding
  • Information release issues associated with grant records
  • Grant fraud and government legal responses
  • Suspension and debarment

The Federal Grant Practice 2020 Edition is available for purchase here.