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Jonathan Shaffer and Todd Garland to Conduct Federal Publications Seminars® Webinar on Federal Bid Protest Mitigation: Avoidance and Defenses

On May 28, 2020, Smith Pachter McWhorter attorneys Jonathan D. Shaffer and Todd M. Garland will present a CLE webinar on “Federal Bid Protest Mitigation - Avoidance and Defenses,” highlighting government procurement issues that result in protests. The webinar will include discussion of lessons learned from recent bid protest decisions. The U.S. government’s process for procuring goods and services involves specialized procedures, with procurements subject to numerous federal statutes and thousands of pages of regulations.  Bid protests are unique to public procurements, involving challenges to award (or a proposed award) for goods or services or the terms of a solicitation. Contractors must be able to identify procurement issues and take action to mitigate bid protests and avoid costly delays.  

Learning Objectives

Attendees will learn how to:

  • recognize unique features of U.S. government procurements that result in protests;
  • know how to identify actions to take to avoid or mitigate protests; and
  • become familiar with protest defenses.

Registration information is available by visiting the Federal Publications Seminars FSPOnline or by clicking here.

For more information on federal bid protest mitigation, contact:

Jonathan D. Shaffer 

Todd M. Garland 

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