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New Final Rule Requires Compliance of Contractors Handling “Controlled Unclassified Information.”

On September 14, 2016, NARA issued a final rule, effective November 13, 2016, creating cross-agency practices and procedures for the safeguarding and handling of “Controlled Unclassified Information” (as opposed to covered defense information for defense contractors).  See Final Rulesee also Registry of controlled unclassified information, available here

The Final Rule applies to executive agencies that handle controlled unclassified information and to non-executive branch entities whose agreements will include controlled unclassified information handling requirements.  Contractors should familiarize themselves with these requirements, since the requirements will likely appear in a future FAR clause directed toward contractor controlled unclassified information safeguarding.

Our firm is able to assist with compliance and any of these steps. 

By: Kelsey L. Wilbanks