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Instructors Armani Vadiee of Smith Pachter McWhorter and Robert Craig of BDO.

December 8-9, 2015

Denver, CO

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The course will cover: 

  • A comprehensive approach to the new cost-competitive environment in Government Contracting
  • How cost and price analysis is used to determine realistic prices and costs in Government Contracting
  • How Contractor and Government professionals can prepare and support cost and price proposal decisions
  • How Contractor and Government professionals manage challenges in cost and price analysis

Price and cost realism analyses are evaluation processes to determine price validity and the most realistic price that the Government will pay for goods and services.  This workshop features an in-depth explanation of how price and cost analysis techniques apply and impact the preparation, pricing, and evaluation of contract cost proposals.  Coverage will focus on the pinch points in the process – those areas of significant and continuing controversy.  Participant involvement and questions will also drive the discussion. 

The increasing importance of price and cost challenges to contract awards and how to manage and minimize protest risks will also be covered.  The workshop starts with definitions from the rules, regulations, case decisions, and available guidance.